Boob-free page three: an introduction

CW: Pornography

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’ve heard of The Sun’s Page Three. If not, then please tell me where the idyllic rock that you live under is so that I can move there too. Just for you rock-dwellers, Page Three is a feature found in The Sun newspaper that consists of a large photo of a topless woman, for the titillation of The Sun’s mostly male audience. Up until last year, it was accompanied by ‘News in Briefs’, a particularly toxic element of Page Three, which was usually a paragraph-long summary of the woman in question’s opinion regarding a current event. This is supposed to be hilarious – the implication being that the kind of woman featured topless in a newspaper would be neither informed  nor intelligent enough to make the point, and so it has clearly been written by the newspaper staff. For example:


Luckily, this incredibly infuriating (and ironic, considering the level of intellectual sophistication the rest of The Sun is pitched at) piece of bullcrap has since disappeared but the topless woman still features. I don’t think I need to go into detail as to why this feature is degrading, outdated and embarrassing for everyone involved, but if you’d like more information I recommend reading up on the fantastic No More Page 3 campaign, and signing their petition, too.

We Jar Belles had a think about what could replace Page Three. After so many years contributing to the terrible portrayal of women in the media, we thought The Sun should make it up to us somehow. Finally, we agreed that the page should still stay mostly dedicated to one woman, but for her achievements rather than her physical attributes.  As the chances of this are as likely as me becoming Nigel Farrage’s second wife, we thought we’d do this ourselves. We hope you enjoy the Jar Belle’s Boob-Free Page Three – please feel free to nominate a woman in the comments for future features.

–  Jade Moulds is editor of The Jar Belles and has written for The F Word, Parallel and Litro magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @msjademoulds.