Boob-free page three: featuring Stella Creasy

Our Page 3 woman this week is Stella Creasy, Labour Co–Operative MP for Walthamstow and Shadow Minister for Competition and Consumer Affairs.

Waltham Forest World Mental Health Day event

I’m not a Labour supporter but Stella has certainly made me reconsider at various points with her ability as an honest, compassionate and effective politician (don’t worry Green party, my heart’s still yours!) I grew up in the town next to Walthamstow and it still pisses me off that they got her and we got Iain Duncan Smith. Of all the people.

Stella Creasy is an active campaigner against loans which exploit the poor (such as payday loans), and successfully campaigned for the Bank of England to feature a woman on the £10 note. For the former, she received offensive abuse from a Wonga employee and for the latter, numerous rape and death threats. Despite this, she is still an active and outspoken feminist and still fights against payday loans. Stella’s PhD in social psychology was titled Understanding the lifeworld of social exclusion and won the 2005 Richard Titmuss Prize at the London School of Economics – her knowledge of how to tackle poverty and the loneliness associated with it is evident in the projects she has established in Walthamstow, for example, 7 Days for Stow. She’s involved with the UK arm of One Billion Rising, a campaign to end violence against women and girls, and regularly speaks out against online misogyny. She has recently been in the papers for pointing out the huge negative impact that curbing immigration would have on the NHS and the economy, and made headlines again when she spoke out against the Daily Mail’s coverage of her statements (which included notes that she was childless and unmarried). Calling out the Daily Mail for their crappy journalism and particularly gruesome brand of sexism? Oh, Stella. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better.

Stella has signed the No More Page 3 petition and backed the campaign, saying, “In my work canteen, there are boobs on the table, just as a matter of course. And we’re supposed to be making the laws in this country! It is a very noticeable disjuncture that there are men in Parliament who will stand up and say, ‘We must do something about online porn’ and then will fight for their right to have boobs with their breakfasts.” We hope she approves of our interpretation of the feature.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to make Stella a perfect Page 3 candidate, her profile picture on Twitter is a painting of her dressed as Boba Fett.


As someone who went with the below costume one recent Halloween:

jadeDrink responsibly, kids.

I heartily endorse this.

–  Jade Slaughter is editor of The Jar Belles and has written for The F Word, Parallel and Litro magazines. Follow her on Twitter: @msjadeslaughter.