burning bark


Burning, burning red spits in to the black of the air

swirling orange tendrils join it there

spears of amber shudder up from the depths of the barks

electric light, retracting –

from the constellations of the stars.

Owls watch from the tree tops

this is the time, to glance up, to watch

see the embers stretch out, consumed by the black of night

disappearing into the absence of daylight.

I will ask you to hold me tight

the fire warming our cheeks

my palms cold.

Place your arms around me

we are young

when we age, older

having been bold.

We will be colder

drawing me into your side

growing together, changing like the stars of the skies

the same garden, bark from our trees

different shades of embers, escaping,  free

our souls still moving, reverberating in the shadows of the leaves

you are one

you are with me.

– Victoria Simms