Marching against austerity with the Feminist Bloc

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On Saturday 20th March, 250,000 people came together for the People’s Assembly End Austerity Now demo. Only 60-70,000 people were estimated to attend, showing that people across the UK are far angrier about the recent cuts than anyone could have predicted.

The Feminist Bloc was organised with the purpose of drawing attention to the fact that women are disproportionately affected by the cuts – it’s estimated that 85% of cuts come out of women’s pockets. The Bloc was open to all genders, and consisted of groups such as Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists, Abortion Rights, and Feminists Fightback, with Sisters Uncut forming a women-only Sisters Bloc to draw attention to the way austerity cuts make it harder for women to leave violent partners.

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More pictures are below:

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Abortion Rights getting ready, with Sisters Uncut in the background
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The Feminist Bloc preparing to march
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The Hare Krishnas doing their thing
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The Great Fire of 2015
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Courtesy of Sophie Yates
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Courtesy of Sophie Yates
Courtesy of Sophie Yates
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Courtesy of Sophie Yates
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Courtesy of Sophie Yates


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