Reddit: rape culture in all its ‘glory’


CW: Rape, rape culture, violence against women

Last month, after running into yet another problem with users’ personal safety, Reddit created its first ever anti-harassment policy. The crux of it read:

“Because of this, we are changing our practices to prohibit attacks and harassment of individuals through reddit with the goal of preventing them. We define harassment as:

Systematic and/or continued actions to torment or demean someone in a way that would make a reasonable person (1) conclude that reddit is not a safe platform to express their ideas or participate in the conversation, or (2) fear for their safety or the safety of those around them.

If you are being harassed, report the private message, post or comment and user by emailing or modmailing us; include external links if they are relevant.”

Despite this policy, the following subreddits are still active on the website:
















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–  Jade Slaughter is editor of The Jar Belles and has written for The F Word, Parallel and Litro magazines. Follow her on Twitter: @msjadeslaughter.