CW: Sexual exploitation, pornography

The Sun newspaper decided to poop in the face of activists like the Girl Guides, who had joyfully tweeted images like the below, and bring back Page 3.



CW: Sexual exploitation, pornography

Last Friday’s print edition of The Sun newspaper was the last ever to include the notorious Page 3 feature. No longer will young women gaze out from the page with their boobs akimbo, waiting for the sweating fingertips of school caretakers to tear them out for office decoration. Well, as long as sales don’t dip.


Page 3 this week throws the spotlight on two amazing women – Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. While these two could easily be the subject of two articles as individuals, their careers have been so closely entwined that it made sense to celebrate the two as a pair. They also represent female friendship as it actually is – supportive, empowering, loving and FUN. The day gossip magazines start fabricating jealous cat fights between these two is the day I show up at their offices and reign fiery vengeance upon them.